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Heating & Mini Splits

Minimize your energy bill this summer and winter with an energy saving mini split. Quick and easy to install, they are perfect way to heat or cool ductless spaces, both commercial and personal.





  • Heating & Mini Split installation
  • Heating & Mini Split maintenance
  • Heating & Mini Split repairs



  1. Best at heating individual rooms – Mini-splits are highly effective when it comes to heating individual rooms in your ductless space, dialing back your energy bill throughout the year.
  2. Mini-splits are incredibly flexible where placement is concerned. Because ducts aren’t required, you’re able to install your mini-split just about anywhere. The air-handlers can be fixed to a wall, hung from the ceiling, and placed into drop ceiling.
  3. Installation is a breeze. Duct expansions are costly and difficult projects while introducing a mini-split into your home is a nearly stress-free and minimally invasive.